Report on action against the sale of illegal medicinal products on the internet

22 December 2006

In November/December 2006, the Danish Medicines Agency carried out an internet action against the illegal sale of medicinal products over the internet. The action primarily focused on potency and diet products.

In connection with the internet action, the Danish Medicines Agency has investigated:

  • whether illegal sale of more than 45 known products takes place
  • whether illegal sale of 6 known active substances takes place
  • whether there is any illegal advertisement for health products such as potency or diet products
  • whether products such as potency or diet products not authorised as medicinal products are sold via selected websites

The Danish Medicines Agency discovered that the bulk of illegal potency products known by the Danish Medicines Agency is no longer sold via Danish websites.

See the faxt box to the right for a link to the report (available in Danish only).

The Danish Medicines Agency, 22 December 2006