Increased reimbursement

Updated 22 January 2016

Some medicinal products contain the same active substance, but different additives. These medicinal products are called synonymous and they form a reimbursement group. If the medicine you have been prescribed is in such a reimbursement group, you will only get full reimbursement for the least expensive medicine in the group.

If you use one of the more expensive products in a reimbursement group, you must pay the entire difference between the price of the least expensive and the more expensive medicine yourself, unless you have been granted increased reimbursement.


Your doctor can apply to the Danish Medicines Agency for increased reimbursement, so that you can receive full reimbursement of the price of the expensive medicine.

However, you must have a very good reason for not being able to use the least expensive medicine, such as:

  • allergy to additives in the least expensive medicine
  • adverse reactions from using the least expensive medicine

Your financial standing is of no importance.

Reply to application

The Danish Medicines Agency replies to applications for increased reimbursement within 14 days. If the application is granted, we will send the grant to your e-Boks and pharmacies will be able to see in CTR - the Central Reimbursement Register that you are entitled to reimbursement.

Your doctor will be notified if the application for increased reimbursement is rejected. The doctor is also given a reason for the rejection.

How does increased reimbursement work?

If you have been granted increased reimbursement, it means that the full price of the medicine is reported to CTR - the Central Reimbursement Register and that you receive reimbursement for the entire price although a less expensive synonymous medicine exists. Likewise, the full price will be included in your balance.

How long is increased reimbursement valid?

The reimbursement is, in most cases, valid for life. If you were granted increased reimbursement prior to 1 March 2000, it is still valid, but the percentage depends on your balance in CTR - the Central Reimbursement Register. The percentage written on the increased reimbursement grant is outdated.

What does increased reimbursement cover?

On the increased reimbursement grant it is written what medicine you are entitled to reimbursement for. If you use more than one strength and packet size of the medicine, you need to have a reimbursement grant for each of them.