Danish Pharmacovigilance Update, 20 December 2012

17 January 2013

In this issue of Danish Pharmacovigilance Update:

  • The Danish Health and Medicines Authority encourages doctors to be aware of suspected long-term adverse reactions from the use of SSRIs in children and adolescents (front page)
  • New recommendations for spray application of the tissue adhesive Evicel® (p 2)
  • Please report any suspected excessive use or abuse of medicinal products to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority (p 3)
  • Reminder of the risk of renal impairment in association with the use of allopurinol (Allopurinol "DAK" and others) (p 4)
  • Gathering knowledge of adverse reactions from the use of biological drugs in children (p 5)
  • A new report compares adverse reaction reports from medicine users and relatives with reports from healthcare professionals (p 5)
  • Danish Medicines Act available on our website (p 6)

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