Guidelines for doctors

Updated 16 March 2022

The Danish Medicines Agency has issued guidelines for doctors on the medicinal cannabis pilot programme.

It is available here in Danish: Vejledning om lægers behandling af patienter med medicinsk cannabis omfattet af forsøgsordningen (Retsinformation)

The guidelines on the medicinal cannabis pilot programme contain the Danish Medicines Agency’s professional assessment of the relevant treatment options for medicinal cannabis.

Since knowledge is insufficient in many areas, the guidelines cannot be considered to represent an actual treatment guide. The guidelines include no product-specific information on the cannabis products comprised by the pilot programme but are based on existing knowledge about the effects and side effects of THCs and CBDs.

The indications which the guidelines describe as relevant are presented to doctors via their computerised systems (medical practice systems) when they prescribe cannabis end-products.

Product-specific information on the admitted cannabis products is available in the medical practice systems, on the website of the Danish Medicines Agency, and at