Data protection and the Danish Medicines Agency's use of social media

Updated 20 April 2023

The Danish Medicines Agency uses social media to reach as many Danes as possible and to stay ahead. Our ambition is to become more visible, transparent and approachable to the large number of Danes who seek information about our work, medicines and medical devices.

We specifically use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It goes for all of these platforms that we cannot exert the same control over personal data as we can with the platforms delivered by our regular IT suppliers. The Danish Medicines Agency only uses social media to the extent that we consider it safe from the perspective of data protection.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter all give access to personal data on the gender, age, country and city of those who follow us and comment and respond to our posts. These data are generated on the basis of the users' permissions via their private settings. If you are a social media user, it is important that you know that not only the Danish Medicines Agency and the social network, but also their advertisers and other partners, have access to the data stored about you, regardless of whether you visit the Danish Medicines Agency via the social network or use it otherwise.

If you are interested in knowing what kind of data the social networks collect and process about you, please visit the links below:

Our advice for everyone is to think about what you write on social media, because once published, it is virtually impossible to withdraw the information you posted. Never share your own or someone else's personal health data on social media where other people can see it.