Guidelines on handing out free face masks

These guidelines cover the free handout of face masks classified as medical devices. The guidelines apply to legal persons (companies, organisations, etc.) that hand out free face masks classified as medical devices to the general public according to section 7 of the Executive order on special measures regarding the supply of medical devices and protective personal equipment in connection with the handling of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Face masks

Face masks classified as medical devices must be CE marked. The entity handing out free face masks must verify that the face masks are CE marked and supplied in a package with a CE mark on it.

At the supply point

Hygiene when handing out face masks

  • The person taking the face mask out of the original packaging must have clean hands.
  • The person handing out face masks must have clean hands.
  • Face masks must be handed out from a clean container/bag, or, as appropriate, kept in a clean shoulder bag that can be closed.
  • The supply point must display a picture of the package with the CE mark and information about the name and address of the manufacturer and, as relevant, the EU representative’s name and address.
  • The person handing out face masks must wear a face mask.
  • The person handing out face masks must not touch the recipients during handout.

Hand sanitizer

  • Hand sanitizer must be made available to citizens at the supply point.

Instructions on how to use a face mask

Prior to handout, citizens must be instructed in the correct use of face masks, for example by way of an instruction sheet or a poster placed at the supply point. Posters from the Danish Health Authority can be used.

Citizens must be informed whether the face mask handed out is a disposable face mask not to be reused.

Read more at the website of the Danish Health Authority.


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