How to use the list of authorised medicinal products

Updated 03 March 2014

The list shows all authorised medicinal products.

The list contains 2 sheets. On one sheet, all authorised medicinal products, whereas the other sheet shows all medicinal products authorised within the past month.

Please click the sheet containing the information you need.

The list is in Excel format. In general, the medicinal products are sorted according to product name, but you can also sort using the following columns:

Identification of medicinal product from the Medicinal product database (no filter)
Lægemiddel (Product name)
Name under which the medicinal product is registered
LægemiddelForm (Medicinal product form)
Pharmaceutical form the medicinal product is registered as
Styrke (Strength)
Strength of the medicinal product
AktiveSubstanser (Active substances)
Active substances contained in the medicinal product. The field only contains the first 255 characters of the description.
MftIndehaver (MA holder)
Company holding the marketing authorisation for the medicinal product (also known as the registration holder)
ATC-Kode (ATC code)
The ATC code of the medicinal product (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification code)
RegDato (Registration date)
Date when the medicinal product was registered
Medicinpriser (Price List)
”Ja” (Yes), if the medicinal product is included in the current Price List. ”Nej” (No), if the medicinal product is not included in the Price List
Opdateret (Updated)
Date when the list was updated

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