• Danish Pharmacovigilance Update, March 2017

    | 18 April 2017 |

    The March issue of Danish Pharmacovigilance Update.

  • More batches of EpiPen® are withdrawn

    | 06 April 2017 |

    MEDA has decided to withdraw four more batches of EpiPen®. The withdrawal concerns two batches of EpiPen® 300 micrograms/dose and two batches of EpiPen® Jr 150 micrograms/dose. The latter is used for acute hypersensitivity reactions in children. The reason for the withdrawal is that there is a risk that the auto-injector does not work.

  • Think twice when you buy and use self-tests

    | 06 April 2017 |

    The Danish Medicines Agency has launched a new video as part of its health app campaign. The campaign encourages consumers to be critical when they use self-tests bought on the internet.

  • Illegally imported medicines bought from Biovea.com

    | 03 April 2017 |

    In recent days, a number of people have contacted the Danish Medicines Agency because medicines they bought online from Biovea have been seized. The seized medicines were dispatched from the USA, and import of medicine from the USA is illegal for Danish citizens. More information and good advice.