Interactive Adverse Drug Reaction overviews

08 December 2016

The Danish Medicines Agency has launched a new web-based database that researchers and other interested parties can use to search for reported suspected adverse reactions.

The new web-based database – the Interactive Adverse Drug Reaction overviews – makes it easy to find reported suspected adverse reactions associated with specific medicinal products.

”Up to now, our reported adverse reactions have been available as PDF files, but the new database presents the reports in a far more user-friendly interface. With the interactive ADR overviews, users can select filter options when they want to search the database, for example age group if they want to see reports of adverse reactions in children, or they can search for specific years, gender, seriousness etc.,” says Line Michan, Senior Adviser at the Danish Medicines Agency’s pharmacovigilance division. In addition, it is possible to search for reports submitted by healthcare professionals as well as patients and relatives.

”Monitoring of suspected adverse reactions and ongoing research in the causal relationship between symptoms and medicinal products are extremely important for our efforts to continuously improve medicines safety. We hope that especially researchers will benefit from the new search options of the database,” says Line Michan.

But general practitioners, journalists, patients and relatives can also search the overviews. However, it is important to note that final conclusions as to the safety of a medicinal product cannot be drawn on the basis of the adverse reaction reports only. Evidence-based knowledge of the side effects of a medicinal product are described in the package leaflet and the summary of product characteristics.

The new web-based database is now available on our website. Click this link to access the Interactive Adverse Drug Reaction overviews