New video graphics about the HPV vaccine

03 May 2016

The Danish Medicines Agency has made a video to explain how the authorities monitor the safety of the HPV vaccine.

”The purpose of the video is to contribute to the debate about the HPV vaccine by providing facts and explaining visually how we are working with side effect reports and how the safety of the vaccine is assessed,” says Director General Thomas Senderovitz.

The video will be shown and shared on social media where there has been much debate about the HPV vaccine and its possible side effects. 

”The video shows that we take every report of possible side effects from the HPV vaccine very seriously – as we do in case of any suspicion of serious side effects from other types of medicine.

Vaccines may cause side effects in children, while at the same time saving the lives of others. Consequently, we are very careful when we examine the reports. We owe it to patients to be thorough – and this means that we have to look at the problem in a European perspective. The HPV vaccine is used throughout the EU, and the common knowledge about side effects is continuously assessed in collaboration with the drug regulatory authorities of the other EU countries,” says Thomas Senderovitz.

The HPV vaccine was thoroughly assessed before it was authorised in Denmark and Europe. The vaccine is assessed to be very safe and to protect against cervical cancer, which is a potentially dangerous disease.

”As a doctor, I consider it a major step forward that we can now protect women against a disease, which can cause serious symptoms and infertility, even if treatment is successful,” says Thomas Senderovitz.

You can watch the video on the Danish Medicines Agency’s YouTube channel and here:

The video will be played from, which registers your use.