Nine applications for funds earmarked for research in HPV adverse reactions

12 May 2016

This is a translation of our Danish news item of 6 April 2016.

The Danish Parliament has earmarked an amount of DKK 7 million for research into possible adverse reactions from the HPV vaccines. The deadline for applications has expired and the applications will now be reviewed by Innovation Fund Denmark.

The amount of DKK 7 million will be allocated to research projects that can provide greater insight into any causal relationship between the HPV vaccine and the serious symptoms experienced as adverse reactions from the vaccine.

Innovation Fund Denmark will make a scientific assessment of the applicants’ projects in accordance with section 5 of the Innovation Fund Denmark Act. The Danish Medicines Agency has set up a reference group headed by former permanent secretary Ib Valsborg and with members from healthcare organisations and patient associations. The reference group will prioritise the research projects which Innovation Fund Denmark considers to be worthy of support.

The closing date for applications was 1 April 2016.

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