The Danish Medicines Agency launches new strategy

15 December 2016

The Danish Medicines Agency: Among Europe’s best in class! This is our vision and we are now launching a strategy for how we are going to achieve the vision.

”Our strategy is ambitious and has a broad scope. We’ve worked intensively on the strategy over the past couple of months and involved a wide range of our stakeholders and employees. The result is a detailed strategy, and it represents our best estimate of what we believe will be required to make the Danish Medicines Agency one of Europe’s best in class,” says Thomas Senderovitz, Director General of the Danish Medicines Agency.

The strategy emphasises our commitment to both public health and growth in Denmark. Moreover, the strategy covers the years 2017-2021 and describes a number of focus areas built on the five points of our vision:

  • Active dialogue and collaboration – value to citizens
  • Quality and on-time delivery
  • Professional expertise and commitment – a fantastic place to work
  • Help boost Denmark as a leading life science nation
  • Driver of European collaboration and a strong international position

”The strategy sets the direction for our development over the next five years and addresses some of the challenges we are facing. Above all, we will have a strong focus on day-to-day operations, but we will also take the steps required to realise our vision of reaching a European best-in-class level. A major task lies ahead of us, and we take one year at a time. But I’m confident that over the next five years we will realise our vision of becoming part of Europe’s best in class. We have good stakeholder relations, we recruit highly qualified candidates for our vacancies, and we have a very competent and committed staff,” says Thomas Senderovitz.


The Danish Medicines Agency: Among Europe’s best in class (PDF)