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Zinc oxide for young pigs to be phased out

19 December 2016

The European Medicines Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (CVMP) has recommended to the European Commission that medicinal products containing zinc oxide for the prevention of diarrhoea in young pigs should be withdrawn from the market.

At present, Denmark and the other EU member states have authorised several medicinal products containing zinc oxide for the prevention of diarrhoea in young pigs. The medicinal products are mixed into the feed and given to young pigs in connection with the transition from liquid feed to solid feed. However, there are concerns that these medicinal products may have a long-term environmental impact. Consequently, the CVMP recommended the withdrawal of all medicinal products containing zinc oxide for young pigs at its meeting held on 6-8 December 2016. The European Commission will make the final decision on the basis of the CVMP’s recommendation. At the same meeting, the CVMP decided to send a letter to the European Commission with a recommendation that the European Commission considers an appropriate phasing-out period, possibly after a meeting with the stakeholders. A phasing-out period is recommended because an immediate stop would result in increased incidence of disease in young pigs and thus increased consumption of antibiotics.

At present, the Danish Medicines Agency cannot give an estimate of the duration of a possible phasing-out period, because the final decision lies with the European Commission.


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