Chinese delegation is visiting the Danish Medicines Agency today

13 March 2017

The Danish Medicines Agency and the Chinese Food and Drug Administration, CFDA, take another big step towards closer cooperation.

Visit from China

"In the Danish Medicines Agency, we are currently giving the cooperation with China a very high priority. We have already had several meetings with the Chinese both here and in China, and we are very close to signing a memorandum of understanding on regulatory issues between the Danish Medicines Agency and CFDA,” says Thomas Senderovitz.

Today, Mr Yuan Lin, Director General, and Mr Zhang Gaotong, Divisional Director, are visiting the Danish Medicines Agency with a representative from the Danish Embassy in Beijing. Besides developing the joint work programme, the intention of the visit is to give the Chinese representatives an opportunity to see the Danish Medicines Agency and meet with Danish key personnel within licensing, inspection, pharmacovigilance and medical devices, etc.

"Our interest in the cooperation with China is to boost Denmark as a leading life science nation. But we also expect to benefit from the cooperation in relation to the ongoing development of our internal working procedures. When you communicate your procedures to an outsider, you realise that they are not taking the same things for granted. And it's always fruitful to have someone from the outside asking questions about things, we ourselves regard as self-evident," says Thomas Senderovitz.

China is interested in strengthening the cooperation with Denmark, among other things, because the dialogue with the Danish Medicines Agency will give access to know-how on regulatory issues in the European context. From the Danish perspective, the cooperation, according to Thomas Senderovitz, will provide Denmark with valuable information on the health situation in China. For example, the progress of their health reform and the main participants in health and pharmaceuticals in China.

"In this respect, I am delighted to see that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has just announced a new position as consultant in health at the Danish Embassy in Beijing. The position will certainly be an active participant in the cooperation on medicines and health in both countries," says Thomas Senderovitz.

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