Stenocare no longer sells cannabis oil in Denmark

07 November 2019

Stenocare has informed the Danish Medicines Agency that they no longer sell cannabis oils in Denmark.

The cannabis oils so far provided by Stenocare in the medicinal cannabis pilot programme can no longer be supplied. 

Stenocare imported its cannabis products from the Canadian company Canntrust. Canntrust had been approved for cannabis cultivation by the Canadian authorities, Health Canada. In July 2019, several of the batches of cannabis oil that Stenocare had placed on the Danish market were quarantined by the Danish Medicines Agency. This was because Health Canada had found that the cannabis used in the oil had been cultivated in non-approved facilities, and therefore the Danish import requirements for these batches were not met.

Health Canada has subsequently suspended parts of Canntrust's licence. Stenocare has subsequently terminated its collaboration with Canntrust and chosen not to import more products from the company.

Stenocare is looking into possibilities of importing other products, which means that Stenocare could eventually have new products admitted to the Danish Medicines Agency’s list.

Doctors can still prescribe the other products admitted to the medicinal cannabis pilot programme. 

See announcement of 12 July 2019: Supply of cannabis oil from Stenocare affected in Denmark

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