COVID-19: See the list of approved Danish clinical trials of medicines for COVID-19

07 April 2020

The Danish Medicines Agency has approved the first applications for clinical trials of medicines for COVID-19. A list on the Danish Medicines Agency’s website keeps you updated on approved applications. 

To ensure a fast delivery of knowledge from clinical trials in the fight against COVID-19, the Danish Medicines Agency introduced, on 17 March, an accelerated procedure for the assessment and approval of clinical trials of medicines for the treatment of COVID-19 by reducing the review time from 35 to 3 days. The first applications have now been approved.

“We are putting all of our efforts into gaining knowledge about whether different medicines have an effect and are safe to use in the fight against coronavirus. Hundreds of trials have started in Denmark and abroad, and Denmark is contributing well”, said Nikolai Brun medical director in the Danish Medicines Agency.

So far, the Danish Medicines Agency has approved clinical trials of the products camostat, remdesivir and tocilizumab, which are some of the products currently of interest.

The list of approved clinical trials will be updated continuously on the website of the Danish Medicines Agency.

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Clinical trials of medicines

In Denmark, clinical trials must be notified to the Danish Medicines Agency by the entity that has overall responsibility for the trial, i.e. the sponsor of the trial. This could be a research institution or a pharmaceutical company. In addition, a doctor or dentist with responsibility for the trial must always take part. When the Danish Medicines Agency receives an application for the conduct of a clinical trial, both the quality of the trial and the patient safety are assessed.

In Denmark, clinical trials must also be notified to a research ethics committee, which performs an overall assessment of the trial's ethical aspects. Before a clinical trial can begin, approvals must be obtained from both the research ethics committee and the Danish Medicines Agency.