Is it still possible to get reimbursement for depression and anxiety treatment?

07 October 2011

After 5 March 2012, it is still possible to get general (automatic) reimbursement for many of the most commonly used inexpensive medicines for depression and anxiety. Patients treated with one of the more expensive medicines, however, should generally switch to a less expensive medicine to retain reimbursement for their medical treatment.

Patients who use one of the medicines with conditional reimbursement should consult their general practitioner (GP) - preferably the next time their prescription needs to be renewed.

The GP must decide whether to switch the patient to one of the less expensive reimbursable medicines or whether the patient meets the requirements to continue to get reimbursement for the more expensive medicine. If so, the GP must write "tilskud" (reimbursement) on the prescription.

We would like to ensure a smooth transition for all patients that are affected by the reimbursement changes. Over the coming moths, pharmacies will therefore encourage affected customers to talk to their GP about their future treatment - preferably when their prescription is next up for renewal but before 5 March 2012. You can find a copy of the information sheet that pharmacies will hand out in the box to the right (in Danish only).

In this box, you can also find a list of the current and future reimbursement status of the medicines concerned.

We have informed the relevant scientific societies and patient organisations about the upcoming changes, and we have sent a letter to all doctors in Denmark to inform them of the reimbursement change. A copy of the letter can be downloaded from the box to the right (in Danish only).