Consultation on the Reimbursement Committee's recommendation concerning the reimbursement status of strong painkillers (opioids)

05 January 2012

At the Danish Medicines Agency's request, the Reimbursement Committee has reassessed the reimbursement status of medicines in ATC group N02A, opioids, as well as certain medicines in ATC groups N07BC and R05DA.

Overall, the Reimbursement Committee recommends that general reimbursement should be granted to the medicines it is most rational to use as the first choice of treatment, i.e. morphine and tramadol for treatment with a strong and weak opioid, respectively.

In addition, general conditional reimbursement should be granted to certain transdermal patches for patients that cannot use oral treatment (medicine taken through the mouth). Reimbursement for other and more expensive treatment alternatives - that are generally not the first choice of treatment - should be administered under the single reimbursement scheme.

Please find a link to the Reimbursement Committee's recommendation of 23 December 2011 to the right (in Danish only).

During the review, the Danish Medicines Agency received written contributions from several stakeholders. These contributions were included in the Committee's assessment, and there is a link to them in the right-hand box.

On 3 January 2012, the Danish Medicines Agency launched a consultation with the companies whose medicines are comprised by the Committee's recommendations. A copy of the Danish Medicines Agency's letter can be found to the right (in Danish only).

The consultation is open until 3 April 2012.

The relevant scientific societies and patient organisations as well as the Danish National Board of Health and the Institute for Rational Pharmacotherapy will be consulted concurrently, please see the list to the right (in Danish only).