Consultation responses on the future reimbursement status of dihydropyridine calcium antagonists (C08CA)

19 December 2008

The Danish Medicines Agency’s assessment of the future reimbursement status of the dihydropyridine calcium antagonists (C08CA) were submitted for consultation with 11 November 2008 as the consultation deadline. The dihydropyridine calcium antagonists are used for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

The Danish Medicines Agency has received six consultation responses. Of these, four were submitted by companies, one by a scientific society, and one by the Association of Danish Pharmacies. In the factbox to the right, there is a link to the consultation responses (in Danish only). Here, you can also find a link to the Danish Medicines Agency’s message of 15 October 2008 containing further details about the assessment.

The Danish Medicines Agency will include the submitted consultation responses in the final decision on the future reimbursement status of medicinal products for cardiovascular disease in ATC groups C02, C03, C07, C08 and C09 (blood pressure medicine).

Danish Medicines Agency, 27 November 2008