Consultation responses to the recommendation about the reimbursement status for medicinal products for the treatment cardiovascular diseases

07 July 2008

The Reimbursement Committee's recommendation about the future reimbursement status of medicinal products for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in ATC groups C02, C03, C07, C08 and C09 (antihypertensive drugs) was submitted for consultation on 5 May 2008.

The Danish Medicines Agency received a total of 24 consultation responses of which seven came from companies, nine from scientific societies, four from patient associations and four from other sources. The consultation responses are available in the factbox to the right (in Danish only, see the link "Høringssvar..."), where you will also find a link to the Danish Medicines Agency's announcement containing the Reimbursement Committee's recommendation.

The Danish Medicines Agency has requested the Reimbursement Committee to comment on the responses received. Once the Reimbursement Committee has made its comments, the Danish Medicines Agency will resume reviewing the case.

For further information, please contact the Reimbursement Section: Send an email.

Danish Medicines Agency, 3 July 2008