Reassessment of reimbursement status

18 December 2006

This summer, the Danish Medicines Agency will begin the periodic reassessment of reimbursement status of medicinal products. Over a 5-year period, the reimbursement status of all medicinal products will be reassessed to ensure that medicinal products having been granted general reimbursement still meet the required criteria and that medicinal products which have not been granted general reimbursement do not meet the criteria.

In a letter of 13 June 2005 , we informed companies with a marketing authorisation for human medicinal products that we intended to start looking at medicinal products in ATC groups A, C and J. Relevant scientific societies and patient associations will receive a similar notification letter in the near future.

You can read about the procedure, and hereunder the criteria that a medicinal product must meet in order to be granted general reimbursement, as well as an outline of the reassessment procedure in Guidelines on procedure for reassessment of reimbursement status via the fact box to the right.

In the fact box, you can also find the letter to the companies and a memorandum on background and initial discussions

The Danish Medicines Agency, 13 June 2005