Strengthened warning against Alscreme 'Creme nr. 2' from

11 March 2010

On 12 February 2010, the Danish Medicines Agency warned strongly against using the product Alscreme 'Creme nr. 2' sold via, as the product is an unlicensed medicinal product that contains the active substance clobetasol. (see link in the factbox to the right).

The Danish Medicines Agency has become aware that the cream also contains a toxic extract from a plant called Aristolochia clematitis. This plant contains Aristolochic acid which is known to cause kidney problems and in the worst case scenario kidney cancer after ingesting the plant or a product containing an extract of it. According to the information available to the Danish Medicines Agency, there are no data suggesting possible harmful effects from using it on the skin, but it could be presumed that the substance could be absorbed into the body when used to treat open sores. We therefore strengthen our warning against the cream, discouraging any use whatsoever.

Information for doctors about 'Alscreme Creme nr. 2' is available in the factbox to the right.

For further information, please contact Special Consultant Gitte Albæk Nielsen, tel. +45 4488 9323.

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