Warning against ‘Alscreme Creme nr. 2’ from www.eminescu.dk

16 February 2010

The Danish Medicines Agency warns strongly against use of the product ‘Alscreme Creme nr. 2’ sold via www.eminescu.dk, as the product is an unauthorised medicinal product containing the active substance clobetasol.

The Danish Medicines Agency has analysed the product ‘Alscreme Creme nr. 2’. The analysis shows that the product contains the active substance clobetasol. This is not, however, stated on the package. On the contrary, the package only states that the product contains natural ingredients such as olive oil and vaseline.

Clobetasol is a potent corticosteroid. It is an ingredient in licensed medicines that may only be sold on prescription. Clobetasol is for external use and it is used for treating eczema and psoriasis. As this corticosteroid is very potent, use of the substance over a longer period of time is not generally recommended. Moreover, you should exercise caution when using it in areas with sensitive skin, such as the face, armpits, groin, around the genitalia etc. Avoid using the product around the eyes or on the eyelids.

Using clobetasol locally on the skin can cause side effects as thin skin, pigmentary changes, increased hair growth, exacerbation of skin infections, etc.

If you have used the ‘Alscreme Creme nr. 2’ for a longer period of time, you should contact your general practitioner, as some instances call for a slow gradual reduction of the use of cream with clobetasol. Remember to inform your GP that you have been using a cream containing clobetasol. If you suddenly stop the treatment with clobetasol locally on the skin, the so-called rebound phenomenon may occur entailing a sudden and severe recurrence of the skin disorder.

Please return any unused products to the nearest pharmacy for destruction.

We generally urge persons who buy medicine on the internet to be careful and to seek advice from their doctor before buying any prescription-only medicines. The doctor may assess the effects and side effects of the product, including whether or not the product concerned would benefit the patient.

For further information, please contact Special Consultant Gitte Albæk Nielsen on tel.: +45 4488 9323 or by e-mail: Send an email.

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