Warning against dangerous "natural" potency-enhancing product

14 December 2010

The Danish Medicines Agency strongly warns against using the potency-enhancing product marketed as POWERtabs based on information from the Norwegian drug regulatory authorities that a Norwegian man needed treatment after having taken the potency-enhancing product. 

POWERtabs claims to contain a mixture of different herbs, but an analysis carried out by drug regulatory authorities in Austria earlier this year showed that the product actually contains the active substance sulfoaidenafil. This is not declared on the package.

The active substance sulfoaidenafil is a so-called sildenafil analogue, which means that it has the same effect and side effects as the active substance sildenafil, which is contained in an authorised prescription-only medicine used for the treatment of impotence. Treatment with medicines containing this substance should only be initiated upon consultation with a doctor. The Danish Medicines Agency has not authorised the product called POWERtabs.

The Danish Medicines Agency has been informed by the Norwegian authorities that the Norwegian retailer has purchased POWERtabs via a Danish wholesaler. We cannot rule out that the Danish wholesaler has also supplied POWERtabs to Danish shops, and it is therefore possible that POWERtabs is on the Danish market.

If you have taken POWERtabs, the Danish Medicines Agency advises you to:

  • stop using the product
  • contact your doctor, if concerned.

You can hand over any residues of the illegal medicine POWERtabs to a pharmacy for destruction.

Furthermore, we urge everyone to exercise extreme caution if buying potency-enhancing products that claim to be harmless and to be natural herbal products, as we have experienced that many of these types of products contain undeclared prescription-only active substances.

For further information,
please contact Special Consultant Gitte Albæk Nielsen on +45 4488 9323.

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