Warning against the product Melanotan

11 August 2008

The Danish Medicines Agency has been made aware of the product, Melanotan, which is sold via the internet. The product is marketed as a product that increases pigmentation, providing tanned skin and protection against the harmful rays of the sun, implying that it may prevent skin cancer. However, this effect has not been documented.

Melanotan is a medicinal product for injection, but its effect and side effects have not been investigated, and we therefore warn against using it.

The medicinal product Melanotan is not licensed in Denmark, Europe or the United States.

The Danish Medicines Agency advises patients who have taken Melanotan to stop using it and to contact their doctor if they have any concerns. The illegal medicinal product may be handed over to a pharmacy for destruction.

For further information, please contact Lisbeth Lund Hemmingsen, tel. +45 4488 9746 or e-mail Send an email.

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