Warning: Sale of illegal diet pills

21 April 2006

Illegal diet pills containing the active substances ephedrine and ephedra are sold in a number of shops and on the internet.

The illegal products are sold under names such as Therma Power, Ephedra 850®, El Tigre® and Stack.
The illegal products look like this:

Therma Power package and tablets Ephedra package and tablets
ElTigre package and tablets

Ephedrine and ephedra stimulate the central nervous system and has an effect similar to that of amphetamine, which is used for reducing the appetite. The substances also have an effect similar to that of adrenaline, which has previously been used for treating asthmatic bronchitis. Finally, the substances cause a number of adverse reactions, as they can cause insomnia, delusional disorder, increased heart frequency and increase in blood pressure.

Products containing ephedrine or ephedra are medicinal products and sale of such products is only legal if they meet the requirements for sale of medicinal products.

People who have used one of the above products should contact their general practitioner if they experience adverse reactions from the use of the products.

The Danish Medicines Agency encourages people who have bought any of the products to stop using them and to hand the rest of the product(s) over to a pharmacy.

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