Over the counter medicine in self-selection

Updated 03 April 2019

On 1 January 2018, new rules on self-selection of OTC medicines entered into force. By the implementation of act no. 1736 of 27 December 2017 amending the Danish Act on Pharmacy Practice and the Danish Medicines Act (in Danish only), certain OTC medicines became available for self-selection, allowing them to be sold from shop areas and not only at the counter. See the specific rules (in Danish only).

The amendment is intended to give citizens improved access to medicines by allowing them to assess which OTC medicines they want to buy.  

Follow-up after two years

After a period of two years, the Danish Medicines Agency will look at sales figures for all medicines available for self-selection to identify any inappropriate increases in the sale and use of certain types of medicines available for self-selection. In the affirmative, the DKMA will assess if the medicine in question should no longer be available for self-selection.

Guidelines on OTC medicines available for self-selection

Guidelines on OTC medicines available for self-selection (in Danish only).