Inspection of sale of over-the-counter medicines outside pharmacies

18 September 2017, Updated 01 May 2019

Shops (retail distributors) that obtain our authorisation to sell OTC medicines outside pharmacies will be inspected by the Danish Safety Technology Authority.

We will continue to inspect websites (online retailers) that sell OTC medicines outside pharmacies, OTC outlets and delivery facilities.

The inspections serve the purpose of checking if the companies comply with the requirements of the relevant executive orders.

List of the Danish Medicines Agency's inspections carried out in 2017 and 2018 (in Danish)

The list only includes shops that sell OTC medicines outside pharmacies under section 39 of the Danish Medicines Act.

As from 2019, the list will no longer be updated.

List of inspections of retail distributors and online retailers (Excel), in Danish only.

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