Danish Medicines Agency annual accounts 2006

17 April 2007

The Danish Medicines Agency’s performance contract with the Ministry of the Interior and Health for 2006 comprises 12 targets made up of 28 performance requirements and 58 sub-requirements. Furthermore, the performance contract includes one focus area.

The annual technical results comprised by the performance contract were generally achieved satisfactorily, the Danish Medicines Agency scoring 93.8 points out of possible 100. The focus area was achieved satisfactorily. Based on an estimate, the annual expenses are allocated over the main tasks to which the performance requirements are attached.

We assess that there is a good connection between resource consumption and target fulfilment. In respect of approval of medicinal products, the connection is less clear. The reason is that target fulfilment is influenced by a considerable number of unpredicted vacancies in critical areas over the year without this being reflected in expenses.

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The Danish Medicines Agency, 17 April 2007