Report on action against the sale of illegal medicinal products on the internet 2007

03 December 2007

In September and October 2007, the Danish Medicines Agency launched an internet action against illegal medicinal products sold on the internet. The action was targeted at

  • 86 products classified as medicinal products in the period from 1 January to 1 August 2007 for which no marketing authorisation has been granted.
  • 37 products that the Danish Medicines Agency has received information about through cooperation with foreign authorities. This includes, among other things, products found to contain active substances not appearing from the product information, packaging or promotional activities.

You can download the report in the factbox to the right.

On the basis of the investigation, the Danish Medicines Agency has taken a number of steps with respect to 18 out of the 123 products investigated. Some incidents have been reported to the police.

If you have questions to the report, please contact Lotte Ustrup Christensen, Chief Information Officer, +45 2530 7147

The Danish Medicines Agency, 30 October 2007 .