Survey of pharmaceutical companies' satisfaction with the Danish Medicines Agency

19 September 2008

The research company Capacent Epinion has asked pharmaceutical companies to indicate their level of satisfaction with the Danish Medicines Agency. A total of 40 companies participated in the survey, which was carried out in May to June 2008.

Among other things, the companies were asked to describe cooperation with the Danish Medicines Agency and the processes related to:

  • licensing of medicinal products,
  • clinical trials,
  • adverse reactions/PSUR in 2006/2007,
  • applications for general reimbursement,
  • notification of medicine prices,
  • inspection.

The survey shows that overall, the companies are satisfied with the work of the Danish Medicines Agency. 83 per cent of the companies say they agree or partly agree with the following claim: "All in all, I am very satisfied with the companies' cooperation with the Danish Medicines Agency".

The responses also show room for improvement in certain areas. While nine out of ten companies say that we offer a kind and helpful telephone service, only about half of the companies say that we are sufficiently quick to answer telephone calls.

Capacent Epinion has also asked questions about DKMAnet, which is part of the Danish Medicines Agency's extranet. DKMAnet has made it possible to report prices and packages electronically. More than 80 per cent of the companies find that DKMAnet has made it easier and less time-consuming to report prices.

Danish Medicines Agency, 17 September 2008.