Annual Report 2012 on laboratory control activities

05 August 2013

The medical authorities in Europe cooperate in a network called the Official Medicines Control Laboratories (OMCL). The Danish Health Authority has published an annnual report for 2012 that describes our activities to the OMCL network.

Annual Report of the Danish Health Authority's activities concerning the OMCL-cooperation 2012

European Laboratory Cooperation in OMCL

The purpose of OMCL is to exchange knowledge and experience as well as promote the elaboration of new common standards within the area of laboratory control of medicinal products. Follow this link to read more about the European laboraty cooperation.

Testing of nationally authorised medicinal products

In 2012, the laboratory tested 312 nationally authorised medicinal products and active pharmaceutical ingredients. A large share of the tests, 44 %, caused us to dsicuss matters concerning labelling, SOP's as well as specifications and stability issues with the manufacturer.

Illegal products and counterfeits

The Danish Health Authority maintained focus on illegal products and counterfeits in 2012. We tested 57 products.

  • 15 of 20 products contained weight-loss compounds
  • 4 of 5 products contained potency-enhancing compounds
  • 30 of 31 products contained nicotine
  • 1 product contained glucocorticoids

Illegal online sale of medicines and healthcare products may pose a serious risk to the health of consumers. The products may contain active pharmaceutical ingredients in varying quantities, quality and composition, with no guarantee of their safety and effect.  

Development of test methods

We work with the detection of extraneous agents in veterinary vaccines by means of real-time PCR. And we also work with the cell therapy products.