Application for reimbursement of nutritional products from the Regional Council

Updated 22 January 2024

The Danish Medicines Agency authorises nutritional products eligible for reimbursement from the Regional Council.

Companies that want a product to be included on the Danish Medicines Agency’s lists of reimbursable nutritional products should send a fully completed application form and any relevant documentation as well as pay the charged fee to the Danish Medicines Agency.

The majority of applications are presented to the members of the Danish Medicines Agency’s Authorisation Panel who meet four times a year. Please send your application no later than one month before the meeting at which you want us to assess your application.

When marketed the nutritional product must be notified to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration according to the rules on food for special medical purposes. Read the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s guideline on notification (in Danish).

Authorisation Panel

The Authorisation Panel consists of experts in clinical nutrition, who advise the Danish Medicines Agency on matters regarding reimbursement for nutritional products.

The panel consists of the following members until the end of 2025:

  • Helle Skandorff Vestergaard, MSc in clinical nutrition and clinical dietician
  • Jette Lind Thomsen Fabricius, clinical dietician
  • Kirsten Skamstrup Hansen, MD in allergology, PhD
  • Mette Borre, clinical dietician
  • Bente Utoft Andreassen, MD in paediatrics and paediatric gastroenterology, PhD
  • Jens Rikardt Andersen, MD in medical gastroenterology

Future meeting dates of the Authorisation Panel

29 February 2024: Deadline for applications is 9 February 2024

29 May 2024: Deadline for applications is 29 April 2024

28 August 2024: Deadline for applications is 28 July 2024

28 November 2024: Deadline for applications is 28 October 2024

1) Application form and documentation

Please send the application form and any appendices by email to Send an email 

In the subject field, please write ”product name – application for reimbursement for nutritional product”.

In addition to the application form, please send the following documents:

  • Product data sheet and labelling
  • Information on the amino acid and fatty acid profiles as well as the carbohydrate composition
  • Clinical documentation in the form of original scientific articles. Please highlight any relevant information in the respective appendices.
  • A copy of the notification and the receipt from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration showing that the product has been notified according to the rules on food for special medical purposes, if the product is marketed when the reimbursement application is submitted

2) Payment of fee

A fee of DKK 4,489 is charged for:

  • a new product
  • notification of changed composition of a product that has been granted reimbursement

A fee of DKK 1,135 is charged for:

  • other flavours in connection with an application for reimbursement for a new product
  • a new flavour of a product that has been granted reimbursement
  • an identical product marketed under another name
The Danish Medicines Agency charges the provided fee when the application is received. The invoice will be sent according to the information received in the application form.

We will begin the assessment when we have received the charged fee.