Side effects from veterinary medicines

Updated 15 September 2017

Any suspected side effects from veterinary medicinal products should be reported to the Danish Medicines Agency. This includes known and unknown adverse reactions. If a human experiences an unintended reaction after contact with a veterinary medicinal product, it should also be reported to the Danish Medicines Agency.

The report must be based on suspected side effects. Consequently, we do not expect an evaluation of the causal relationship between use of the medicinal product and the unintended reaction. The Danish Medicines Agency makes this evaluation.


Read more about side effects from veterinary medicinal products: Reporting side effects from veterinary medicines

If you want to report a side effect related to a veterinary medicinal product, please use one of the below forms.

Please note that you can report side effects both in animals and humans who have been in contact with a veterinary medicinal product. You can also report lack of efficacy of a veterinary medicinal product or suspicion of residues or an environmental impact after having used a veterinary medicinal product.

Fill in all the fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the form. However, we encourage you to fill in as many of the non-mandatory fields as possible. This will help us assess the report.

When we receive the form, we will send you a receipt. We will contact you when we have assessed your form.


Report a side effect observed in an animal (in Danish, opens in a new window)

Note: You have 20 minutes to complete and submit the form after you have opened it. If you spend more time, we will not receive your form.

Reporting especially for marketing authorisation holders

EMA: European Veterinary Pharmacovigilance reporting form for MAHs (doc)

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