Vitamin and mineral products

Updated 05 September 2017

Strong vitamins and minerals is the name of a group of medicinal products whose active constituents are exclusively vitamins and/or minerals and where the content of vitamins and minerals is considerably higher than the normal daily requirement of adult humans.

Strong vitamin and mineral products can only be sold in Denmark if they have been authorised by the Danish Medicines Agency. As part of the authorisation process, each product receives a number (MT number), which must be visible on the label.

In the process of authorisation, the Danish Medicines Agency states the same requirements on manufacturing, quality and documentation of safety as with natural medicinal products. Strong vitamin and mineral products can only be authorised to prevent and cure cases of deficiency.

The requirements on strong vitamin and mineral products are more closely described in the below guidelines.

Summaries of product characteristics

Summaries of product characteristics for strong vitamins and minerals

Marketing authorisation

Guidelines for marketing authorisation for vitamin and mineral products

Licensed natural medicinal products and traditional herbal medicinal products (Excel file) (updated daily)