Sale of medicines outside pharmacies

Updated 24 May 2016

In Denmark, shops outside the pharmacy sector can obtain authorisation to sell over-the-counter (OTC) medicines that are suitable for sale outside pharmacies. It is the Danish Medicines Agency which decides whether a medicine can be sold at these shops.

The staff employed at shops outside the pharmacy sector are not required to have a pharmaceutical education.

Basic range of OTCs

The shops must, at the minimum, keep a basic range of OTCs, which is defined by the Danish Medicines Agency. The basic range of OTCs includes medicines such as painkillers, cough suppressants, lozenges for a sore throat as well as nicotine chewing gum.

Smoking cessation products

On 15 October 2006, it became possible for shops to obtain a distributor's authorisation exclusively covering smoking cessation products. Shops holding such an authorisation do not keep the entire basic range of OTCs.

Number of authorised shops

About 3,000 shops/companies are authorised to sell OTC products for human beings. Many of them are also authorised to sell OTC medicines for animals (veterinary medicines).

About 300 shops are only authorised to sell veterinary medicines.

Shops selling medicines online

Many shops sell medicines on the internet. See our "list of Danish shops selling medicines online". The list is updated regularly.

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