About DKMAnet

Updated 13 November 2020

DKMAnet is an access-controlled extranet, which offers companies easy and secure access to sending and receiving information in a number of areas under the Danish Medicines Agency.

If you click the below links, you can find guidance and material on how companies can gain access to DKMAnet.

All the links are about services on DKMAnet.

Licensing and supervision

Licensing of medicines

Deregistration of medicinal products

Upload package leaflets to DKMAnet

Company authorisations

Company authorisations (GMP, GDP, EUF and GLP)

Clinical trials

Clinical trials (applications for and notifications about clinical trials)

Side effects and product information

Follow-up on adverse reaction reports

Pharmacies and sale of medicines

Application for authorisation to sell over-the-counter medicines outside pharmacies

Reimbursement and prices

Application for general reimbursement

Notification of prices and range via DKMAnet