Application for general reimbursement

Updated 04 March 2019

The company that brings the medicine onto the Danish market can apply for general reimbursement for the medicine to the Danish Medicines Agency (see sections 144 and 152 of the Danish Health Act).

The Danish Medicines Agency cannot grant general reimbursement for vaccines. Please submit your application for reimbursement for vaccines to the Danish Health Authority. You can find more information on reimbursement for vaccines on the website of the Danish Health Authority

Application guideline

Guidance on the application procedure and documents to be enclosed with the application can be found in the Guidelines for application for general reimbursement of medicinal products (in danish only) issued by the Danish Medicines Agency.

Application via DKMAnet

It is possible to apply online via the Danish Medicines Agency's access-controlled extranet DKMAnet.

We have placed information on access to DKMAnet and on online application for general reimbursement in the box.

Application by ordinary post

You can also apply for general reimbursement by ordinary post using the application form in the box. Each application form must only cover one medicinal product in one pharmaceutical form in its various strengths and pack sizes.

Please submit the form and application documents to:

Danish Medicines Agency
Attn.: Reimbursement Department
Axel Heides Gade 1
2300 Copenhagen S

Need further guidance?

If you have questions about completing the form, the documents to be enclosed or the review procedure, please contact the Reimbursement Department of the Danish Medicines Agency on +45 4488 9696 or Send an email.

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