DKMAnet - questions and answers

Updated 24 May 2017

DKMAnet services

The following services are available via DKMAnet:

  • Submission of changes to prices or packages of medicines
  • Upload of package leaflets for medicines
  • Application for general reimbursement
  • Application for authorisation of retail distribution
  • Application for authorisation to manufacture and/or import of medicines (GMP authorisation)
  • Application for authorisation of wholesale distribution of medicines (GDP authorisation)
  • Application for authorisation to handle euphoriant substances (EUF authorisation)
  • Application for authorisation to conduct non-clinical trials (GLP authorisation)
  • Application for and changes to clinical trials
  • Follow-up on adverse reaction reports 

If your company wishes to use one or more of the above services, your company needs to register as a user on DKMAnet. Read more in DKMAnet: Access – questions and answers

A number of companies are using the first two services, and they will have to change to the new model of user administration to get access to the other services.

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