Falsified medicines - questions and answers

29 November 2010, Updated 15 March 2016

Have falsified medicines been found on the Danish market?

In a few cases medicines have been withdrawn from the legal chain due to the risk of falsification. These withdrawals were made for safety reasons. In addition, we know that falsified medicines have been sold via illegal websites in Denmark and that medicines are imported illegally, e.g. via purchases on foreign websites not holding an authorisation.

Which types of medicine are falsified?

Many different types of medicine have been falsified, and it is difficult to say that there is a higher risk for some types of medicine. There have been findings of everything from falsified potency-enhancing drugs to weight-loss products, antibiotics and cancer medicines.

What does the Danish Medicines Agency do to prevent the entry of falsified medicines into the legal supply chain?

We supervise pharmaceutical companies and products in the legal chain. Through our cooperation with other authorities in and outside the EU, we are informed about any suspicion of falsified medicines in the legal chain. Moreover, we cooperate with pharmaceutical companies if they become suspicious of falsified medicines.

How does the Danish Medicines Agency cooperate with the industry and industry associations to prevent the presence of falsified medicines in Denmark?

The Danish Medicines Agency’s network against falsified medicines was established in cooperation with other relevant authorities, industry organisations and stakeholders, which work closely together on issues of falsified medicines. The work includes the collection of valid data to determine the extent of the problem, and the network is an important forum for the exchange of information in the area.

How do consumers know whether a Danish company or website is authorised to sell medicines?

We recommend that you buy medicine at a pharmacy or other outlet authorised to sell medicine by the Danish Medicines Agency.
On our website, you can find lists of companies, other than pharmacies and their OTC outlets, that are authorised to sell medicines to consumers.

Physical shops

Outlets selling OTC medicines

On the internet

Pharmacies selling medicines online
Authorised retailers selling medicines online

What should I do if I suspect that my medicine is falsified?

If you suspect that you have bought falsified medicine, you should contact your pharmacy. The pharmacy can contact the company responsible for the medicine, alternatively the Danish Medicines Agency.