List of persons who receive financial support from companies

31 October 2016

Here you can find a list of notifications about financial support to participate in professionally relevant activities abroad subject to section 202(b) of the Danish Health Act and the Danish executive orders on advertising. See rules for the publication of financial support

The list contains information about healthcare professionals and specialists receiving financial support from a pharmaceutical or medical device company to participate in a professionally relevant activity abroad.

The list shows the person's name, profession, trading address (primary workplace) and health professionals registration ID, if any. Note that the health professionals´ registration ID is not confidential or private information. Healthcare professionals’ ID numbers are available from the Online register of health professionals (in Danish). This information ensures easy identification of the healthcare professionals.

If you click the name of a person, you will see information about the company or companies that the person receives financial support from. If you click a company name, the following information appears:

  • the organiser of the professionally relevant activity abroad (only if the organiser is different from the company granting financial support)
  • the type of activity (information about the professional activity)
  • the end date of the professionally relevant activity
  • whether the agreement on financial support was entered into before (yes) or after (no) the new rules became effective.

Information about financial support to participate in professionally relevant activities abroad is deleted from the list two years after the activity has ended. 

You can search for a name or a company in the list.

See the list (in Danish only)