Medicines authorised with a summary of the risk management plan (sRMP)

In connection with the approval of a risk management plan for a medicinal product for human use, a summary of the risk management plan for the medicinal product is prepared and made publicly available in accordance with the pharmacovigilance legislation which came into force in July 2012.

The summary is prepared by the marketing authorisation holder and approved by the Danish Medicines Agency. On the EMA's website, you can find the summaries of risk management plans for medicinal products with an authorisation granted under the Centralised Procedure.

You can find the summaries of risk management plans by searching for the product name or the active substance.

You can also find a summary of risk management plan by clicking the first letter of the relevant product name below.

Since medicinal products sometimes change names there can be divergent names in the summary of the risk management plan and on this website.

The name on the website will always be the most recently approved name for the product.

The name in the summary of the risk management plan can be a previously approved name of the product or the name(s) of the active substance(s).

Product Name Pharmaceutical Form Strength Active Substance Approval Date
Naltrexone "POA Pharma" filmovertrukne tabletter; 50 mg NALTREXONHYDROCHLORID 17/07/2017
Nanogam infusionsvæske, opløsning; 50 mg/ml Normalt immunglobulin, humant 03/07/2015
NanoScan radiofarmaceutisk præparationssæt; Serumalbumin, humant 12/02/2015
Nanotop radiofarmaceutisk præparationssæt; 0,5 mg ALBUMIN, HUMAN 29/05/2017
Naproxen "Orion" tabletter; 250 mg NAPROXEN 11/04/2016
Naproxen "Orion" tabletter; 500 mg NAPROXEN 11/04/2016
Nasonex næsespray, suspension; 50 mikrogram/dosis Mometasonfuroat 13/12/2018
Natriumfusidat "Essential Pharma (M)" pulver og solvens til koncentrat til infusionsvæske, opløsning; 500 mg FUSIDINSYRE 08/10/2019
Natriumoxybat "Kalceks" oral opløsning; 500 mg/ml Natriumoxybat 29/07/2019
Natriumoxybat "Reig Jofre" oral opløsning; 500 mg/ml Natriumoxybat 03/04/2020
Navirel koncentrat til infusionsvæske, opløsning; 10 mg/ml VINORELBINTARTRAT 02/04/2020

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