Report change to collaboration with a company (e-form)

Updated 23 November 2020

E-form for healthcare professionals and specialists

Specialists and healthcare professionals must notify the Danish Medicines Agency of any change to their collaboration with a company by using the e-form below.

The form can be used to notify us about changes to a relationship or financial support to attend a professionally relevant activity abroad.

Please use this form to notify us that: 

  • a current relationship with a company has changed
  • you wish to acquire additional securities or other ownership in a company that we have already been notified of and granted you permission to
  • changes have been made to the financial support you receive to attend professionally relevant activities abroad

You can only use the e-form if you have notified us or applied for permission to establish a relationship or notified us about financial support after 1 November 2014.

We assess all notifications of changes and in certain cases a change may require permission. We correct the information on the list about you and your collaboration with the company, if required.


Meld en ændring om samarbejde med virksomhed (in Danish only, opens in a new window)

Note: You have 20 minutes to complete and submit the form after you have opened it. If you spend more time, we will not receive your form.

How to report changes

  • Click the "Log ind"-button - the e-form is in Danish only
  • Log in using your personal NemID (read more at NemID privat)
  • Select whether the change is related to a relationship or financial support
  • Select the specific collaboration you want to change
  • Describe the change
  • Check the information you have entered on the summary page
  • Click the Print icon to print the page before you submit the change if you want a copy of your notification
  • Click ”Send”
  • You will get a confirmation by email

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