List of proprietary pharmacists, doctors, nurses, dentists, proprietary pharmacists and prescribing pharmacists who have a relationship with a company

At the bottom of this page you will find the link to the list of relationships subject to section 202(a) of the Danish Health Act and the Danish executive order on relationships. Note that the list is in Danish only

If you click the name of a person, you will see information about the company or companies that the person has a relationship with. You can also see the person's total remuneration (payment) per calendar year from the company. If a person has several relationships, the total amount is shown.

In some cases, the Danish Medicines Agency does not publish pay for full-time employment in a company:The explanatory notes in relation to section 202c, see page 42 (in Danish only).

If you click the name of a company, you will see which type of relationship the person has with the company (may be more than one), for how long the relationship is valid and whether the relationship was established before (yes) or after (no) the new rules became effective.

In case of ownership in a company, the list also shows how many securities (shares or the like) the person holds as well as the value of the securities at the time of purchase.

Information about a relationship is deleted from the list two years after the relationship has ended. See rules for the publication of a relationship

You can search for a name, a company and type of relationship in the list.

See the list (in Danish only)