Laboratory control

Updated 14 June 2019

The Danish Medicines Agency regularly checks that the pharmaceutical companies’ control of their medicines is good enough. The purpose is to ensure that medicines have the needed quality to make them as safe as possible for people to use.

Our control usually involves verifying the methods applied by the companies, and the control is performed in the Danish Medicines Agency’s laboratory. Here we can perform supplementary analyses to uncover any quality issues that the companies’ own analyses did not reveal.

The Danish Medicines Agency’s laboratory also assists in the investigation of complaints about the quality, labelling and packaging of medicines.

Accredited to ISO 17025

The laboratory of the Danish Medicines Agency imposes very stringent quality requirements on its own tests, and it is therefore accredited to ISO 17025. 

International knowledge sharing strengthens patient safety

The laboratory of the Danish Medicines Agency is a member of the European network of official medicines control laboratories (OMCL), which controls the quality of medicines. Drawing on each country’s unique skills within pharmaceutical testing, the network coordinates the control tasks of several medicines.  In this setup, the Danish Medicines Agency sends pharmaceuticals for testing in the laboratories of other countries and in return performs tests for network members in areas where we have the highest expertise.