New funds for accumulation of knowledge about medicinal cannabis

20 March 2018

The parties negotiating the special funds have earmarked a further DKK 5 million to increase knowledge about the use and effect of medicinal cannabis. You can apply for the funds now.

Research projects are requested to be carried out in order to increase our knowledge about the use and effect of medicinal cannabis. This is to take place as part of the medicinal cannabis pilot programme.

With the ‘Agreement on special funds in the healthcare area for 2018-2021’, an extra DKK 5 million have been negotiated to increase the knowledge of the use and effect of medicinal cannabis. The agreement specifies that the funds are earmarked for projects intended to monitor the treatment of patients across therapeutic indications based on registry data and patient interviews. The purpose is to shed light on the patients’ treatment courses, consumption of cannabis products compared to conventional medicines, contacts with healthcare services, patient-experienced effect and quality, e.g. in relation to pain and everyday coping.

Since the funds are allocated for studies using registry data and patient interviews, the funds may be of interest to doctors as well as researchers with other educational backgrounds such as statisticians, sociologists, etc.

The allocated funds are intended to accumulate experience of cannabis products comprised by the pilot programme.

Application deadline is 22 May 2018


Read the entire notice here: Accumulation of knowledge about the use and effect of medicinal cannabis