New campaign to prevent shortage of protective equipment: Denmark helps Denmark

23 March 2020

The healthcare services are running short of protective equipment such as face masks and visors in many areas of Denmark. The Danish Medicines Agency now launches the “Denmark helps Denmark” campaign, urging authorities, companies and others to report it if they have excess equipment or ideas on how to procure more.

Denmark is experiencing an increasing pressure on the healthcare services with the spread of COVID-19. For a while, protective equipment, such as respiratory protective devices, visors and hand sanitizer, has been in short supply in the healthcare services locally, and the healthcare sector risks running out of protective equipment and other vital equipment such as COVID-19 test kits needed to fight coronavirus.

In response to this, the Danish Medicines Agency now launches the Denmark helps Denmark campaign to get organisations, authorities, institutions, private companies and other relevant parties to bring forward any ideas they may have to procure extra protective equipment, COVID-19 test kits and hand sanitizer for frontline staff in the healthcare sector, and to encourage organisations to come forward if they have equipment or hand sanitizer they can spare without compromising on safety.

Incredible goodwill and community spirit

“A lot of people want to lend a helping hand, and it is absolutely amazing. People are showing incredible goodwill and community spirit, and we are now arranging this systematically by making it possible to report it via a brand-new website,” says Director General of the Danish Medicines Agency, Thomas Senderovitz.

A dedicated team at the Danish Medicines Agency is in position to handle all the inquiries. The contributions made will be reallocated through the agency’s newly established logistics centre, which has been set up in collaboration with the regions and municipalities.

Link til Denmark helps Denmark