Risk of supply failure: Use protective equipment rationally

22 March 2020

There is a risk that the healthcare sector will run out of protective equipment, such as hand sanitizer, facemasks and visors/shields, which are crucial in the fight against coronavirus. We urge everyone to use at little as possible without compromising on safety.

Protective equipment, such as safety masks, visors and hand sanitizer, has long been in short supply locally in the Danish healthcare sector. Other countries have reported significant problems with supplying protective equipment, and there is a risk that Denmark will be facing similar challenges in future.

“We are taking this situation very seriously, and we are working nonstop every single day of the week to obtain protective equipment for the Danish healthcare sector,” said Director General of the Danish Medicines Agency, Thomas Senderovitz.

The agency is working closely with Danish companies to obtain protective equipment from abroad and have it transported rapidly and efficiently to Denmark, and to start an extra production of, for example, hand sanitizer and visors/shields here in Denmark.

Use only the protective equipment you need

The Danish Medicines Agency urges everyone to pay attention to exactly what is needed, including what is needed to operate safely – no more no less.

“We must save protective equipment and use as little as possible without compromising on safety. If we don’t, we risk that doctors, nurses and everyone else in the frontline run out of equipment. It is critically important that we do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen,” said Thomas Senderovitz.

If the shortages of protective equipment should become widespread, it will not only pose risks to healthcare professionals, including especially older employees, it will also put further pressure on the healthcare services due to the risk of frontline employees being infected and subsequently quarantined.

How to save protective equipment