Second contract ensures access to a potential vaccine for COVID-19

25 September 2020

A month ago, an agreement was entered with AstraZeneca on the supply of vaccines for 2.4 million citizens in Denmark if the vaccine is approved. Now the European Commission, on behalf of the EU member states, has negotiated a second contract, potentially giving Denmark the opportunity to buy some 3.7 million vaccine doses. More contracts are on the way.

One month ago, the European Commission signed the first contract on a vaccine with vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca guaranteeing the EU member states the right to buy up to 400 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines – enough to vaccinate about 2.4 million citizens in Denmark – if the vaccine proves safe and effective.

Now, the European Commission, on behalf of the EU member states, has signed a second contract with a vaccine manufacturer (Sanofi-GSK) on the supply of 300 million vaccine doses for COVID-19, enough to vaccinate about 30% of the Danish population.

The contract will take effect provided that Sanofi-GSK is able to document that the vaccine is safe and effective, and if the vaccine is authorised by the drug regulatory authorities.

Negotiations are being held with an additional five vaccine manufacturers

To ensure citizens have access to a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19, the EU member states have joined forces to purchase potential vaccines for COVID-19 with different profiles and produced by different companies.

The European Commission is carrying on negotiations with several vaccine manufacturers.

The government is collaborating with the other EU countries to ensure Danish and European citizens have access to a vaccine against coronavirus. The potential vaccines must be developed and rigorously tested to provide thorough documentation that the vaccine is effective and safe to use. The government's strategy is to be at the forefront of the development because a potential vaccine is a crucial instrument to help us return to a more open society and more normal everyday life. That's why Denmark is part of currently two contracts that the EU has entered with promising and potential vaccine candidates”, said Magnus Heunicke, Minister of Health.

Like the potential COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca, the vaccine from candidate Sanofi-GSK is currently being tested in scientific trials. Once the data from the third phase involving thousands of voluntary trial subjects are ready, the documentation of the vaccines’ efficacy and safety must be submitted to the drug regulatory authorities following which it will be authorised for use if they are assessed to be effective and safe.

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