Danish Medicines Agency presents new strategy

05 April 2022

Lars Bo Nielsen, Director General of the Danish Medicines Agency, announces new 2022-26 strategy for the agency. The strategy supports the Danish Ministry of Health’s joint corporate strategy and emphasises a vision to lead national and international collaboration, for example regarding better use of data and new technology and dialogue with public and society in general. 

Better use of data and new technology is included as a new guiding point in the agency’s strategi – and it is an area that Director General Lars Bo Nielsen, who joined in August last year, expects much of.

“When it comes to using data and new technology intelligently, the Danish Medicines Agency must be even smarter. This focus is to improve our professional assessments and processes and support a life sciences ecosystem for the benefit of people, animals and society. We have already come far, but I am convinced that we can develop even more in step with digital tools and healthcare data becoming increasingly important in general,” said Director General Lars Bo Nielsen.

He notes that although new elements have been included in the strategy, several important elements from the previous strategy remain on purpose:

“We will build upon the strong foundation established by the agency over many years. That is why we will maintain and develop as an organisation within several areas that we have focused on before. This includes, for example, our communication with the public and society and our work to continue improving as a great workplace offering our staff growth opportunities and ensuring psychological well-being,” continues Lars Bo Nielsen.

He emphasises that the agency’s mission of creating value for people, animals and society through efficient, safe and available medicines and safe medical devices is what the Danish Medicines Agency is here for.

International involvement remains in focus

Many of the Danish Medicines Agency’s administrative activities are solved in close collaboration between drug regulatory authorities in other countries – in and outside the EU. Likewise, the framework for authorisation and use of medicines and medical devices is increasingly developed and influenced through working relationships in international settings.

“It will therefore continue to be important for us to participate and assert our influence on international activities in specifically those areas that are of importance to the Danish Medicines Agency and to Denmark. Several activities have already started, and we are so looking forward to continuing this work through focused efforts,” said Lars Bo Nielsen.

See the strategy here

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